Vacation | Singapore

Check-in time at Marina Bay Sands
This is our room on the 26th floor of Tower 3 of MBS


View from the Pool..
Infinity pool at the top floor of the Hotel



So last January 12 to 13 we had this opportunity to stay at Marina Bay Sands even just for a night by the help of my friend Olga who’s working on the said hotel and they gave us a great room with a beautiful view. We loved our stay there since we got the chance to experience the infinity pool with a refreshing drinks from the Pool Bar and the view was really magnificent and breath taking.

The room was really spacious and very elegant from the bathroom to the balcony, from the soft bed to the entertainment system they provide inside the Hotel Room. The Front desk officers was really friendly and accommodating, they gave me my Room access card in just about 10 minutes of waiting and settle all my bill during the check out in just 3minutes if I’m not wrong.

My overall stay was very relaxing and stress free, I can say that they have a very expensive Room rates but it is definitely worth it after I experienced it for the 2nd time. it was a fun and memorable time even if i’m just on staycation..till next time..




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