Bergs | Haji Lane, Singapore


Burger and Calamari Rings

I’ve been in the food and beverage industry for almost 6 years, working on this kind of industry is really tough. I’m working for almost 54 to 60 hours per week and just having 1 rest day a week. So every rest day it’s either i will rest at home or i will visit this small but fancy restaurant on the road of Haji Lane.

You can choose the size of your Burger.

The name of the restaurant is Bergs Gourmet Burger, they have a wide choices of burgers from beef to pork to chicken or even vegetarian. They also have some dishes good for sharing with friends or you can have it alone like Calamari, Onion rings and Salads. They do serve beers, lemonades and other bottled softdrinks. If you’re craving for some sweet stuff, they have their Ice Cream Sandwiches, the flavours ranges from Vanilla, Chocolate and Green tea (Matcha).

The place and ambience is very relaxing, they even play old school musics from the 80’s, 90’s and some of the modern electronic dance music.

I ofen go to this place cos i can relax and clear my mind from work matters and they have a very good and friendly staffs. So next time you’re craving for some Great food you can drop by at their shop along Haji Lane, Singapore.





BERGS Gourmet Burgers – #10 Haji Lane Singapore 189203


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