Quezon | Philippines

Philippines is composed of 7,000 plus islands and each one is unique from the others. When i was on vacation in my home country, me and my Family went to Real, Quezon. It is a 3 hours drive from Manila via San Mateo Rizal if i’m not mistaken.

The province is rich with agricultural products such as Palm Trees and the coast line is really Awesome. We went to one of the towns in Real, wherein we tried to jumped off from a Waterfall with roughly 15 feet high. The adrenaline was rushing thru my veins when i was about to jump. The experience was really memorable and on our trip we visited the 2 most famous waterfalls in the town.

After soaking in the cooling water of the falls we went back to our cottage which we rented from a good friend of our family and it’s along the beach. The black sand beach won’t disappoint you as you can rent a surf or skim board and have fun with the waves. The waves are really good for surfers as they conduct surfing lessons and camping every summer.

The place is not yet that well known to tourists but i  believe that one day it will be one of the surfing capitals of the Philippines.

The province don’t just offer awesome waterfalls and nice beaches but the people there are really hospitable and very helpful especially to tourists like us. You can even buy fresh seafood from the fishermen as fishing is one of the most popular occupation in town. If you’re not planning to hit the beach or visit the falls you can also try the river rafting or if not and you want an investment you can buy a Lot and build your own rest house and enjoy the scenic view of the ocean and relax and forget about the buzzing life in the city.


“Travel is the only thing you buy that make you Rich”









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