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This world is full of people, some of them come and go. We have our Family and friends who will always be there for us, but there are other people that will let us think of what we really want to do with our Life.

We all have our own passion and dreams that we want to pursue as we grow day by day, i’ve met a lot of people in different walks of life especially that i’m working in the FnB industry. Everyday i need to face different people and deal with them.

After working for almost 5 years after i finished my studies, now i wanted to travel more and visit different places and experience different cultures but because of my work timing it is very hard to pursue it, i have limited days for my leave and i need to really think about where do i need to use it.

Been searching and finding people that can make me push what i really wanted to do, i saw and talked to a Travel Blogger named Justin Alexander through Facebook and Instagram, he has his own website wherein you can see all the places he’s been to, adventures of his lifetime and you can read it there about his life and how he worked and stop to travel the World. I find him as my inspiration after talking to him 1 day and he said that i just need to do what i really wanted and just keep going.

He is a good guy with a big heart and love for mother nature, browsing through his website was awesome since i get the chance to know him better and see what are the thing’s he’s been to before, lots of Ups and Down but still he never stopped pursuing what he really wanted to do with his life. A guy with great courage to do different things and to be fearless of whatever challenges he might encounter on his adventures.

He is traveling from place to place and never stop there, he’s been helping to build houses in Nepal after the country was struck by a strong Earthquake. He experienced living with people in a secluded paradise in the Philippines, Palawan. He conquered America travelling with his Motorbike and his backpack with the stuff he needed for his never ending adventure.

A great person that helped me to think about my future plans and he shares his experiences through his Social Media accounts such as @adventuresofjustin(Instagram) , Facebook and His own website . I was browsing before his photos and website so i told him that i will be making an article here in my blogsite about him cos he’s one of my inspirations aside from my families and friends. He definitely said Yes, that i can write one blog post about him and that would make him happy especially that he inspires a lot of young people to go out and explore what our Mother Earth has to offer.

It’s been awhile since i last posted a Blog and finally i have time to make one now and it is not about the places i visited for the past months but this one is dedicated to Mr Justin Alexander, as i promised myself few months ago that i will post one article about him here in my site.

You can check his accounts and read about what he is doing..

We should all go and explore and discover places while we can..

I read one quote from his facebook account and it says..

“If i could do anything: i would just travel the World, making friends forever and ever…”

Follow him and his adventures:

@adventuresofjustin (Instagram)



“Life is a Journey..”




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